For nearly forty years members of TEACH have created a variety of long-standing Afrikan American, family-oriented, cultural and educational activities which became institutions across the St. Louis metro area.

TEACH is an acronym that stands for Teaching, Educating, Advancing, Counseling and Healing. It is envisioned as a cooperative effort between certified professionals from the fields of education, counseling, communications and preventive health. Its mission is the cultural education, upliftment and empowerment of the Afrikan American community.

TEACH is an outgrowth of Sudan Illustrators, Inc., a 501c3 non profit organization dedicated to preserving and cultivating an understanding of Afrikan and Afrikan American lifestyles by presenting family oriented cultural and performing arts. Sudan Illustrators. Inc. began in the early 1980's but later branched out under various entities. These entities have been combined under a concerted umbrella of services.

TEACH members founded the St. Louis Kwanzaa Committee, the oldest St. Louis-based Kwanzaa organization.

TEACH members also founded the Agbeluta Drum Carver's Guild, co-founded the Ngoma Afrikan Drummers, and founded "Ngoma Nights" - St. Louis' oldest open mic poetry and music session. This collaboration resulted in the release of the popular CD "NGOMA Live" and expanded into NIM (Ngoma In Motion), a traveling performing ensemble.

TEACH members served as mentors and teachers for St. Louis' oldest Afrikan centered rites of passage program in the state of Missouri and they were part of the leadership which created the first national Afrikan Centered rites of passage association.

TEACH members also created a model co-op incubator, more commonly known as Progressive Emporium & Information Center (PEIC), St. Louis' longest running Afrikan American bookstore that served the area for over thirty years.

Through concerted efforts TEACH members also sponsored educational, culturally enriching programming such as: Juneteenth ~ Freedom Days activities, annual Kwanzaa programs, the Kwanzaa House at the Holiday Expo, community-based literacy activities, Afrikan language classes, Afrikan Folktale Festivals, Afrikan drumming and dancing classes, youth leadership and organizing training, Black Love Day events and much, much more.

Over the years, TEACH members have provided seasoned and newly-established programs. The newest components of TEACH include the counseling of juvenile and adult offenders under the supervision of the criminal justice system, public safety, and social and human service departments of the State of Missouri and the State of Illinois.


This site is a resource to individuals and organizations who seek information, guidance, and support in the struggle towards self-determination and total liberation for Afrkan people. This site offers overviews of TEACH's many programs and activities, contemporary news coverage from an Afrikan revolutionary perspective, as well as Afrikan-centered merchandise. Members of TEACH have been working towards the ends for well over 30 years. We look forward to sharing our wisdom as well as receiving yours in order to achieve our collective mission.