TEACH has an educational component called the Uhuru Institute. Uhuru provides classes in Afrikan history, language, culture, customs, cosmology, music, dance and much more. These classes are open to the public. TEACH also provides an exciting and involving Afrikan Rites of Passage development program for both youth and adults. Uhuru is in the Kiswahili language of East Afrika and is translated into english as “freedom.”


This Afrikan Rites of Passage program is one of the oldest in the country and is an involving process in the Afrikan adulthood educational development tradition. This component helps young people develop the skills, perspectives, customs, characteristics and values needed to be productive Afrikan conscious women and men of benefit to their community, people and all of humanity. Additionally, this component requires parent permission and is for youth ages 10 - 18.

The adult educational component is an active educational process for women and men ages 19 and up. The program helps adults develop the Afrikan personality and a clear Afrikan identity, purpose and direction. All classes are taught in the traditional Afrikan womanhood and manhood teaching and learning styles. The curriculum includes development in over 30 skill development areas.


TEACH provides a series of open classes throughout the year. These classes center on Afrikan – Afrikan American history, Kiswahili, Afrikan culture, community development, political concepts, community organizing, Afrikan traditions, literacy skills and much more. Classes vary and may be for youth and/or adults.